The “Gatekeepers” help you to assess whether SIWA is the right option for your company and on how to have access to it. The ultimate goal is to begin a journey of Transformation and Prosperity with your company.

There are two ways to have access to SIWA, the Strategy Oracle. Either through a Gatekeeper or through a token given by a present client.

Please get in touch through selecting either one of our Gatekeepers and reach SIWA – Strategy Oracle.


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Token from Present Clients

Alternatively you might be recommended by a former or present client by receiving a token that provides access to SIWA. The token is an original Alexander coin minted in Babylon more than 2.330 years ago. The token will give you access.

Silver Tetradrachm – 320 BC, Macedonian Empire – Alexander the Great in Lion Skin. Alexander started his journey with limited resources but soon conquered the richest kingdoms and their precious metals, gold and silver. He then minted coins to fund his endeavours across the World. The token is a real coin of Alexander’s treasure and could be your access to SIWA, the Strategy Oracle.